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Karate is goed voor Lichaam en Geest



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Karate, de dubbelzijdige kant van een gouden medaille.


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Interview with Shihan Jan Knobel

The virtues of traditional karate vs sports karate


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Welcome to the 8. May 2009 Edition of THE SHOTOKAN WAY

The Online Shotokan Karate Magazine & Research Centre

the 10. Edition of TSW for 2009.


Last time on TSW, we presented the first part of an interview with Jan Knobel. The interview clearly struck a chord with many, so thank you for the emails. Here is An Interview with Jan Knobel Part 2. As I stressed in the first part of this interview, whilst being heavy at times and being quite provocative, Jan’s passion for karate is very present.  This interview is aptly titled ‘Straight shooting from the hip’ – apt not only because of the standard of karate he promotes, but also because of his honest and somewhat uncompromising approach to karate. When I met with him a few months ago, two things struck me. There was a prominent sense of honesty around what he had to say – controversial it could be argued. The other, most important, thing however was his passion and love for karate, welded strong by a determination to retain its ‘Traditional’ following. I hope you all enjoy!



by sensei J.Knobel


by sensei J.Knobel



Asai Shihan